A Simple Worthiness Checklist for Women


I have recently been speaking at more and more events on Women and Worthiness. I’m passionate about it because poor self-worth is insidious and creeps in very ugly ways into every area of our life. It looks like jealousy, or being taken advantage of. It can look like exhaustion or feeling trapped in a job or a relationship. It even looks like poor health. For this talk, I created an easy checklist for women to ask themselves. I see it as a great baseline to assess if our worthiness is translating into all areas and also helps us see where we can grow. If you’re brave enough, ask yourself these questions and challenge yourself to look at worth and how this impacts you.

If you would like me to visit your group and share this talk or if you feel therapy could help in any one of these areas, I’d be delighted to talk with you. Enjoy!

Married or Dating

☐ Can I communicate with ease difficult topics to my partner that may create triggers or tension? Do I believe I’m worth feeling uncomfortable to make my relationship better?

☐ Do I feel fulfilled in frequency and quality of sex, and if not are actionable steps being taken right now to improve this?

☐ Do I feel known in this relationship? This means, does my partner get my triggers, my unresolved hurts, my secret strengths?


☐ Have I created a checklist of uncompromising requirements in a partner? What’s on that list that is compromising?

☐ Do I know what is difficult for me to believe I deserve? How can I challenge these faulty beliefs?

☐ Have I worked through any issues with being alone? Do I seek partnership for companionship or to avoid aloneness?


☐ Am I setting appropriate boundaries?

☐ Is there reciprocity in the relationship? Meaning, is give and take happening for both parties?

☐ Is saying what’s on my mind helpful or hurtful?

☐ Can I have difficult conversations with a loved one without hurting a third party (ie. another family member or mutual friend)?

☐ Are there relationships that I need to part ways with? If so, what keeps me in them?


☐ Do I love and care for myself as much as my children?

☐ For moms of pre-teens and teens, do I have something just for myself going on?

☐ Have I allowed my adult children to grow into adults? Am I generally happy to see them love their partner more than me?


☐ Could I change my job if I stopped liking it?

☐ Am I respected by colleagues, superiors and employees?  If not, what is my responsibility in this?

☐ Do I wake up in the morning with one thing about the day to look forward to?


☐ Am I worth enough sleep every night?

☐ After I eat do I feel good energy wise?

☐ Do I have any bodily pain?

☐ Am I exercising?


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