About Cerina

Earlier in my career, I started working with a beautiful, charismatic, intelligent young woman in her mid-20s named Alyssa. I don’t think either of us realized how much our therapeutic relationship would impact us for years to come.

Alyssa came to me with a smattering of presenting problems. She had recently left an unhealthy relationship and her children were acting out. She complained of depressive symptoms and was exhausted. She had strained relationships with family members that often resulted in conflict or avoidance. She didn’t like herself. Where to begin?!

As our relationship began to unfold I learned more and more about how much she really disliked herself. Alyssa thought she was ugly, stupid, a burden, “too much”. And it became more and more clear to me that these false beliefs were impacting every other area of her life. We began challenging those deeply seeded falsities together. And I got to watch Alyssa’s life unfold in tremendous ways. She began reconciling family relationships and setting boundaries. She started advocating for her children and exhibiting confidence in a way that carried into their own lives. She does public speaking. She’s happy. And in our last session together, she told me she thinks she’s smoking hot!

This giant success story truly propelled me into a passion to help women love themselves into better relationships, careers and health. I also know that “loving ourselves” as women should also mean being enough, and finding a sense of resolve in knowing we have done our best. As a mom to two young children, an ok-enough wife, and a daughter to aging parents, now more than ever has shown me how important it is to care for and revive my mental health, both for myself and my loved ones. I invite you to walk with me and do the same!

Oregon License: T1664
California License: MFC 54013