What Clients are saying:

“Cerina, thank you again for everything. You have been a strong, intelligent, and compassionate companion on this journey and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. See you before too long” -M

Thank you for your abundant capacity to care and invest in my life. These last 12 months have been transformative and I believe you had such a large part in that.” – C

When my daughter began seeing Cerina one year ago, I was very worried she would never recover from her father and me divorcing.  She was afraid to leave my side and had many problems at school and with friends.  Today, my daughter is thriving both at home and at school and her therapy session is one of her most favorite times of the week!  I have Cerina to thank for helping us through a very difficult season.” – N

Cerina has given me more confidence in myself and hope for the future.  I have lost much in my life- because of Cerina’s belief in me my heart is filled with hope.” – S

“My experience with Cerina as my therapist started off really difficult.  There was a part of me that didn’t want to go, but a part of me that was tired of being lonely and not liking myself.  Sticking it out and feeling the way I do today was the best decision I ever made.” – E

Cerina helps me find the words to my pain when I have none.  She is somehow able to just know what I am thinking and feeling even when I’m not so sure myself.  I’m so lucky to have this hour each week just for myself, I feel so supported and cared for.” -O

I thank you for being a great therapist – you have brought out depths within me that no one has discovered before.  You have helped me understand myself, my patterns and my future.  You are a therapist that so many people in pain need, but can’t have.  I’m so very grateful for you.” -S

Cerina, you helped me change the direction of my sail, to honor the phases of my healing, and to be aware of the work that I am doing today for myself and within myself.  You showed me that I am worth more than my engulfing past and that I can and will recover.  You built me up and you will always be an important positive female figure in my life.” -F

My work with Cerina has been nothing short of life-changing.  She has helped me realize that I am totally loved and accepted for who I am right now.  I can’t begin to describe how HUGE this revelation has been for me.  One of my biggest issues my entire life has been feeling unworthy.  I never thought I was good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough.  Her thought-provoking questions and incredibly deep insights helped me see a different and beautiful story- that I’m amazing just the way I am.  She also helped me realize that all the things I thought would lead to happiness- losing weight, getting married, becoming hugely successful- wouldn’t make a difference unless I first worked on loving myself for who I am right now.  The idea that I’m ok right now, independent of these factors, has changed my life.  After so many years of beating myself up and constantly seeking happiness outside of myself, I finally love being me.   I’m so very grateful for Cerina.  She’s by far the best investment I have ever made.” -K

What Mental Health Professionals and Community Partners are Saying:

Cerina’s compassionate understanding, as well as her warm and open personality make her a one-of-a-kind therapist to have a collaborative therapeutic relationship with.  Cerina’s specialized knowledge specifically working with individuals struggling with self-esteem as well as women who have experienced loss and trauma, make her the perfect choice for many people looking to find hope and healing.” – Quentin Hafner, LMFT, Marital Therapist specializing with New & Expecting Parents

It is always a pleasure to refer clients to Cerina Griffin.  Cerina is a dedicated therapist who delivers compassionate, ethical, and effective counseling to clients.  She is always committed to addressing the key issues for clients and helping them work through recovery from change, loss and trauma and toward a life of balance and fulfillment.” – Joy Cleary, LCSW

It takes a special person who is called to work with people who are going through transition and loss. Cerina is the person I would want to talk to if I were going through something so difficult in my life. She is kind, caring, empathic and skilled to delicately support those who are lucky enough to find her. There are so many therapists in the Orange County area and selecting the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. Cerina can help you sew that gaping hole back up. Bless her for finding peace and fulfillment in her calling.” – Sharon Cohen, Ph.D., Relationships + Dating Specialist

I immediately felt close to Cerina’s understanding personality and heartfelt compassion for her clients. Cerina understands the difficulties women have as they try to achieve their goals and succeed in the world. I have seen first hand how Cerina’s empathy and clinical expertise has led to women finding themselves and living healthier lives. I highly recommend Cerina if you are on the path to getting healthy, staying healthy, and living a fulfilling life.” – Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, Parenting Coach

Cerina Griffin is a remarkable person and therapist.  She is extremely passionate about her profession, perceptive in understanding the root cause of issues, and compassionate in helping others heal and gain a new level of understanding.  Her genuine love and belief in the work she does, coupled with her warmth and likeability has helped innumerous clients through the process of opening new doors for themselves in living more fulfilling and enriching lives.” – Elizabeth Thomas, Ph.D., Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development Consultant

Cerina is a great listener and a genuinely caring person.  Her easy manner is calming and encouraging. When I am with her I am able to be myself – she is easy to talk to and puts me at ease.  Within our professional relationship I have seen Cerina committed to her work, practice strong work ethic and take a positive approach to her goals and her vision.  I know her dependability, commitment and passion makes her an excellent therapist for any person in need of support.” – Lisa Burke, MBA, Consultant for the Children and Families Commission of Orange County

My professional work with Cerina predates her MFT career when she and I were collaborators working on a mentoring program for the Orange County faith community. At that time I discovered  a most dedicated person whose motivations and actions were  guided by the  significant life value of Respect for the Dignity of Others.  Cerina’s gifts of extending herself as both a listener and communicator were constantly on display as she helped a team work through the complexities of a project involving many. As an authentic and intentional voice, Cerina authors her personal and professional life with a divine spark of deep care for others.   I am pleased she has chosen a career that allows her to give meaning to her noble aspirations of serving the Good.” – Russell Williams, CEO of Passkeys Foundation

I have known Cerina for eight years and am continually impressed with how well she listens to and cares for people. Within my professional role as a Christian leader for college students, I have depended on Cerina regularly for her professional expertise on interpersonal work situations, team dynamics, and emotional health advice. She is a driven businesswoman who is reliable and responsible, exhibits wisdom and sound judgment, and is committed to caring for others and helping them grow, heal, and flourish. I highly recommend Cerina and trust her abilities as a therapist.” – Laura Reynolds, Cru Campus Director in North Orange County/Long Beach

Cerina has strong therapeutic skills and demonstrates exceptional insight regarding the mental health issues impacting adults and children who have experienced domestic violence.  Her ability to build trust and make her clients feel cared for has helped countless families begin the healing process that allows them to move towards self-sufficiency.  I am delighted to recommend her.” – Connie Smith-Williams, LMFT