Four Socially Acceptable Ways to Take a Social Break

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the frenzy on the news or in your newsfeed? At any given point, scandals like the Duggar family are leaked or folks like Caitlyn Jenner become birthed into the world, and absolute media madness ensues. At times, I can filter my way through the slow progression of shock, horror, judgment, horror at the horror and make observation of the world’s reactions. Other times (specifically now), my exposure of our general human chaos feels like too much.

Really, 29,478 comments on a provocative right-winged blog?!

Really, 19 text messages waiting for me after a one hour meeting?!

I don’t know how to get away from it. I won’t get away from it. I’m a part of it. I fit commitments and appointments into my Google calendar ever so tightly. I e-mail back. I heart and like your pictures. I’m in this world and I’m committed to it.

Yet, more and more I yearn for slowness and the quiet. I crave the space for reflection and growth that I fight and struggle to give myself. If you seek moments of quiet too, I have some thoughts about ways we can stay relational and committed in our relationships without getting swept away.

  1. Booking Out Time for Nothing – This means blocking out (on your calendar if you must) a chunk of time that is no longer open. So, if a friend asks you to dinner or your child is in need of entertainment, disappointment or guilt may follow. Spend time activating the body and mind. This could look like going on a scenic walk, meditating/journaling, or reading a delicious novel.
  2. Turn Your Phone on Airplane Mode – Once your children are in a safe place (either at home or with a trusted caretaker), lean into your anxiety of turning your phone off. Give yourself permission to not be on-the-clock at work and trust people will learn how to get their needs met. If necessary, let employees or clients know when you are typically unavailable.
  3. Take Your Social Media Apps off Your Phone – I have literally seen people take their phones into the bathroom when it’s time to go poop. Why, you ask? Because we have trained ourselves to be connected and over stimulated without a moment of rest. We disallow ourselves to lean into and pay homage to difficult situations, uncomfortable emotions and challenging face-to-face relationships. Treat yourself to a Facebook splurge at the end of your day on your computer. Then sign off, and engage with those around you.
  4. One-On-One Individual Therapy – This is a much more sacred hour than I think many people realize. Phones are off (at least they should be), and someone is attuned to you and actively pursuing your own unique thoughts and feelings. Aside from teletherapy (a different blog topic), it is the classic practice of two people engaging in the truest form of emotional intimacy and connection. You get to practice quiet thinking, intentional speaking, and connected contemplation. You leave having grown into a better, more insightful person.

What is one way you want to engage in quieting the clutter and activating your mind and body? Please comment or contact me about ideas!


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