Self Confidence Counseling

Self Confidence Counseling

Your friends and family say you’re an amazing person. A great catch.

But there’s just one problem.

You don’t believe them.

It feels like a lie, and it feels terrible.

Can you relate? Everyone on the outside sees you differently than you see yourself. If this sounds like you I would love to help. One of the most rewarding parts of my work as a therapist has been walking with young girls and women of all ages from deeply planted lies into the freedom of new truth! When we create room to safely and carefully uncover and challenge the myths about ourselves, purposeful and satisfying opportunities and relationships ensue. This is what I want for you.

Here are some examples of faulty myths my clients have challenged and conquered in my therapy practice. It’s been a privilege to witness!

  • From “I am unattractive and gross” to “Guys want to date me!”
  • From “I don’t deserve a great guy” to “My dating standards are way too low”
  • From “I won’t be able to find a better job” to “I have started job hunting”
  • From “I won’t feel good until I am skinnier” to “I am healthy at this weight and I feel energized and confident”
  • From “I resent being a housewife” to “I get to love what I do and change things if I need to”
  • From “I am not lovable unless I work hard to earn love” to “I am worthy of unconditional love without work or repayment”

I am certain that the way to true self-confidence is not through a “5 Tips” article on how to tone your butt or give a better interview. I believe self-confidence starts from within and needs to be planted, nourished and gently cared for. If you could use more self confidence, and want to make your insides match the outsides that everyone else sees-I would love to help. Let’s work together and plant new, thriving and long-lasting beliefs that will help propel you into relationships, work and play that you whole-heartedly love.

“My work with Cerina has been nothing short of life-changing.  She has helped me realize that I am totally loved and accepted for who I am right now.  I can’t begin to describe how HUGE this revelation has been for me.  One of my biggest issues my entire life has been feeling unworthy.  I never thought I was good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough.  Her thought-provoking questions and incredibly deep insights helped me see a different and beautiful story- that I’m amazing just the way I am. She also helped me realize that all the things I thought would lead to happiness- losing weight, getting married, becoming hugely successful- wouldn’t make a difference unless I first worked on loving myself for who I am right now.  The idea that I’m ok right now, independent of these factors, has changed my life.  After so many years of beating myself up and constantly seeking happiness outside of myself, I finally love being me. I’m so very grateful for Cerina.  She’s by far the best investment I have ever made.”

-Client Quote