Transitions Counseling

The road map of life is bumpy at times.

But do you ever feel like these bumps came out of nowhere and are a little too bumpy?

Even though transitions and changes are inevitable, it is hard to deny the discomfort, anxiety and even pain that often confront us. We want improvement, but it can feel safer and more comfortable to stay in the familiarity of what we know. Whether you are faced with changes you did not choose or you want to get unstuck from an ongoing rut, I love helping women revel in newfound excitement and joy in their next season of growth.

Do any of these findings while in difficult transition seem like something you may need?

  • Finding healthier relationships after leaving a bad one
  • Finding peace, purpose and healing with an ill loved one
  • Finding new boundaries and new ways of communicating as your children grow
  • Finding forgiveness, resilience and joy after divorce
  • Finding courage and confidence as you pursuit a new career or expand your current one
  • Finding resilience and squashing shame after making a mistake

I believe that when we make space and invitation for positive change, fulfillment in how we live our days, weeks and life is sure to follow! I know that the journey can be difficult, grievous and triggering and that is where I can help. Let me support you through discomfort and walk alongside your journey at your pace into new, exciting and purposeful change.

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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”    
-Carl Rogers